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"Words just don't do you justice but I'll try.
You are the best! Thank you so much for working with us and finding our beautiful home. I don't know what I'd do with your never ending assistance, but most importantly your friendship. We are so fortunate to know you. "Buyer

"Our beautiful home continues to bring us great joy. Thank you for everything especially your warm personal touch" Buyer

"We feel so fortunate to have landed in such a fascinating and stimulating place. Thank you for all your effort in helping us with the purchase of this house. You were a pleasure to work with from the very beginning and all the way through the process. "Buyer

"I wanted to thank you for all your help selling our home. As you know it was a difficult time for us...through it all you remained the single constant point of contact that kept things moving ahead. It was more than just technical expertise. Not only were you always there with the right suggestion, you were there to help us through the tough decisions and provide personal as well as professional support. I would unreservedly recommend Susie to anyone seeking to buy or sell a house." Seller

"Thank you for all you have done to sell our house. Your thoroughness, thoughtfulness and attention to every detail was much appreciated." Seller

"I commend you for your ability to handle multiple offers. I lost track of all the intricacies of each offer and was so glad I could rely on you to evaluate which was the best one. Your level of professionalism is unsurpassed." Seller

"You must be extremely proud to have such an outstanding professional on your staff as Susie Schevill. We have bought and sold several homes and we've always had excellent assistance from our brokers, but Susie outshines them all, a star among stars.
Susie won our confidence immediately with her knowledgeable assessment of the Berkeley housing market and her acute grasp of our precise needs...her combination of confidence and professionalism with warmth...her sophisticated recommendations for improvements to our old house for maximum profit, all of which paid off handsomely...
the purchase of the house of our dreams required exceptional delicacy. We have no doubt that we are happily living in this wonderful home today because of Susie's extraordinary skill."
Letter addressed to Susie's Broker, Mr. Paul Templeton

"I just can't tell you what a terrific experience it has been buying this wonderful home. You made it so, and we are very grateful. Your knowledge, ability and willingness to help us along every step of the way, ... helping us to feel comfortable, safe and cared for has been incredibly valuable. You are terrific and we would sky write your name around town to get you more business. We will recommend you to everyone . Thank you again." Buyer

"Our thanks for your patience and perseverance in helping us find a new home. I greatly admire your dedication to the Berkeley community. You wear many hats, it is clear, and it seems that in each role you are an effective and successful player. Thanks again for your expert advice and friendship." Buyer

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your calm, professional expertise in helping me with the purchase of my house. I didn't realize how many things I would need help with and you were always there to anticipate issues and give wise counsel.
I know you saved me thousands of dollars with your negotiation skill and, all in all, made what could have been a stressful process, very smooth." Buyer

"We are so thrilled with our new home! Thank you very much for your part in making our dream a reality!" Buyer

"I commend you for your high standards of excellence and thoroughness. We enjoyed working with you very much. Your clients are fortunate to have you." Buyer

"We are grateful for all of your help ensuring that our home purchase was smooth and painless. We realize that we were fortunate to be able to work with someone as professional as you are." Buyer

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Direct: 510.652.2133 x444 | Email: Susie@SusieSchevill.com